Trailer | Beer with Nat Season 4

Welcome back to Beer with Nat.

After a long hiatus, Season Four is finally here!

This season, you’ll hear from a beer educator, bottle shop owner, beer marketing expert, and more. And – as always – each guest is someone who works in and is incredibly passionate about the beer and pub industry.

Before the new season starts though, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what’s been going on in the beer industry of late.

Over the past few weeks – here in the UK, in the US, and beyond – women in beer have shown up in numbers to call out the inappropriate and sexist treatment they’ve been subjected to for years.

The movement began thanks to Brienne Allan in the US and Siobhan Buchanan has stepped up here in the UK to help amplify even more voices needing to be heard.

Despite the progress that’s been made these past few years, with more women working in and drinking beer, the thousands of incidents that have been shared on social in recent weeks show just how far we have to go. Not only for equal representation, but – more importantly – for equal treatment.

My goal with the Beer with Nat podcast has always been to help shine a spotlight on women in beer, in order to show how many of us there are and to help normalize our presence.

So consider this season yet another reminder from me – and my incredible guests – that beer is for everyone.

Check back soon for the first episode of Season Four.