Mini-Series Episode #3 | Podcaster Gabrielle Corbett

Podcaster Gabrielle Corbett

Welcome to this Beer with Nat mini-series!

Instead of chatting with women who work in the beer industry, like I normally do… in this mini-series, I’m chatting with women who don’t.

Why? To show that it’s not just women who work in beer that love it.

Today’s guest is Gabrielle Corbett, podcast producer and host of the Bitesize Bodacious Babes podcast, a podcast that demystifies the music industry. Gabi tells us about what led her to pursue a career in music, talks us through the different roles she’s held, and explains how they’ve   inspired her to start her podcast.

We also chat about Gabi’s love of beer, how she discovered her go-to style, and what aspect of beer she enjoys most.

Gabi’s a dark beer fan, so she’s got a porter from a local Scottish brewery and I’m sipping on a stout. We’ll each tell you more about our beers of choice shortly.

(Just a quick heads up, this episode was recorded remotely, so the audio quality is not quite the same as previous seasons, but I hope you still enjoy it.)

Here’s Gabi…

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7:10 – The collective that Redinno is part of is called Numbrs (not Colours!)

Image from Gabrielle Corbett