Mini-Series Episode #2 | Archivist Ellie King

Archivist Ellie King [aka @hoppy_raptor on Instagram]

Welcome to this Beer with Nat mini-series!

Instead of chatting with women who work in the beer industry, like I normally do… in this mini-series, I’m chatting with women who don’t.

Why? To show that it’s not just women who work in beer that love it.

Today’s guest is Ellie King, archivist at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.  Ellie tells us about what sparked her interest in a career as an archivist, the training required, and the coolest project she’s worked on so far.

We also chat about what got Ellie into beer, what inspired her to set up her beery Instagram account (@hoppy_raptor) and what she enjoys most about the online beer community that she’s a part of.

Ellie is a big fan of Burning Sky Brewery – she lets us know why in the chat! – so she’s drinking their Arise Pale Ale. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on the same beer, but I had a lovely fruit-forward pale ale from Rock Leopard to keep me company.

(Just a quick heads up, this episode was recorded remotely, so the audio quality is not quite the same as previous seasons, but I hope you still enjoy it.)    

Here’s Ellie…

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Image from Ellie King