Mini-Series Episode #1 | Actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson

Actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson

Welcome to this Beer with Nat mini-series!

Instead of chatting with women who work in the beer industry, like I normally do… this time, I’m chatting with women who don’t.

Why? To show that it’s not just women who work in beer that love it.

Today’s guest is Saoirse-Monica Jackson, actress best known for her role as Erin Quinn in Derry Girls.

Saoirse tells us how she got into acting, the differences between working on stage and on screen, some of the things she wished she knew when she first got started and the people who have helped her along the way.

We also talk and taste our way through two different beers, as Saorise tells us about what it was like to grow up in a pub as her parents ran one when she was younger and what got her into beer.

Saoirse’s normally a light lager drinker, but she asked me to introduce her to some new styles, so I pulled together a few options and we ended up tasting a unique Belgian beer style called a kriek – it’s aged on sour cherries, so it’s got a beautiful pink colour and sweet-and-sour flavour profile – followed by a pastry, or dessert, stout which was flavoured to taste like a chocolate fudge cake. You’ll find out what she thinks of each shortly!

Just a quick heads up, we recorded this episode way back in December 2019, back in the days when we could be in the same space and share a beer! The initial idea was to release this mini-series in April, but as you all know, life happened. So here we are, a little while later. But, better late than never!

Here’s Saorise…

Saoirse’s shout outs:

Find a link to the Kate Nash music video Saoirse mentioned here:

Along with a link to the IMDb page for their upcoming movie, ‘Higher Grounds’:

And if you haven’t yet watched Derry Girls, here you go:

Image from Saoirse-Monica Jackson