Episode #050 | Jaega Wise & Natalya Watson

Jaega Wise & Natalya Watson

For this final episode of the ‘Beer with Nat’ podcast, we’re going full circle… all the way back to Episode #001.

Today’s guest is Jaega Wise, Head Brewer at Wild Card Brewery and my very first guest when the show kicked off in November 2018.

We start by checking in with Jaega on what she’s been up to since then, including seeing the brewery through the pandemic, launching their new barrel program, hosting a TV series and publishing a book. (Yep, she’s been busy!)

Then, as a thank you to Jaega for helping me get the show off the ground all those years go… she gets to turn the tables and interview me!   

We chat all about my career, what I was up to before beer, what I enjoy most about being part of the beer industry and plenty more.

We have a lot of laughs, too. I hope you enjoy listening in.

Here’s Jaega…

Image taken by Cal Holland (Thanks, Cal!)