Episode #048 | Maia Kazaks

Maia Kazaks, European Events Manager at Barth-Haas

Today’s guest is Maia Kazaks, European Events Manager at global hop company Barth-Haas.

To start, Maia tells us what Barth-Haas does, what her role as events manager entails and how her work was impacted by the pandemic, given that most of the activities she’d normally be organizing were put on hold the past two years.

Maia then shares what she was up to before beer and how she made her transition into the beer industry – more specifically, into working with hops. You’ll get to hear all about her experience working on a hop farm in New Zealand and what it was like for her to move from the US to the UK for her job… without ever visiting first!

We also discuss one of Maia’s other passions: mead. And lastly, Maia lets us in on what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

Here’s Maia…

Image from Maia Kazaks