Episode #046 | Helena Adedipe

Helena Adedipe, Co-Founder of Eko Brewery

Today’s guest is Helena Adedipe, Co-Founder of Eko Brewery.

To start, Helena tells what inspired her and her husband, Anthony, to set up the business in 2019 and talks us through some of the unique ingredients and considerations behind their distinctive African-inspired beers.

We then discuss what her role looks like today and what keeps Helena busy outside the brewery, as she still maintains a full-time role as a financial crime consultant.

You may think that role might not have much to do with beer, but Helena lets us in on some of the skills she’s brought from her day job into her beer career. She also shares her advice for others looking to start their own business and, of course, what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

(Just a quick heads up, there’s quite a bit of feedback from Helena’s mic as the conversation gets started, but we get the issue fixed about one-third of the way through. So please do hang in there and apologies in advance!)

Here’s Helena…

Image from Helena Adedipe