Episode #043 | Pip Young

Pip Young, Founder of The Coven Brewsters

Today’s guest is Pip Young, founder of The Coven Brewsters and Brewery Manager at Salt Beer Factory.

To start, Pip tells us about her business, 30 Six Co, and the projects it encompasses, including Flour to the People and The Coven Brewsters. You’ll hear all about what she’s accomplished so far and her exciting plans for the year ahead.

We also discuss her role as Brewery Manager at Salt Beer Factory and the collaboration brew that brought both of her worlds together.

Finally, Pip shares her advice on how to get into the beer industry and what she enjoys most about being a part of it.

(Just a quick heads up, Pip was chatting with me from the brewery taproom, so there’s a bit of background noise on her end, but hopefully it’s not too distracting!)

Here’s Pip…

Image from Pip Young