Episode #039 | Amy Todd

Amy Todd, Owner and Analyst of Zymology Labs

Today’s guest is Amy Todd, Owner and Analyst of Zymology Labs.

We start by discussing what Zymology Labs does, what inspired Amy to set up the business, and what her day-to-day there looks like.

Then Amy tells us how she got here and the training it took to set up an  independent beer quality laboratory – from her chemistry degree in university, to an apprenticeship with the American Brewer’s Guild, to roles with Magic Hat and Zero Gravity Brewing in Vermont.

Finally, Amy lets us in what it’s been like to go from working for someone else to working for herself, what advice she has for others looking to set up their own business, and, of course, what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

(Just a quick heads up, this episode was recorded remotely, so the audio quality is not quite the same as previous seasons, but I hope you still enjoy it!)

Here’s Amy…

Image from Amy Todd