Episode #035 | Sophie de Ronde

Sophie de Ronde, Head Brewer at Burnt Mill Brewery

Today’s guest is Sophie de Ronde, Head Brewer at Burnt Mill Brewery.

Sophie lets us in on what her day-to-day role as a head brewer looks like… but she’s quick to acknowledge that her experience in the role likely isn’t the same as others.

That’s because in recent years Sophie learned she’s allergic to wheat and barley, so she can’t actually spend much time on the brewery floor or even enjoy the products of her labour… but she still loves making beer.

She talks us through how she went from serving beer to brewing beer, and her time spent as a brewing technologist at a malt producer, too.

Finally, Sophie tells us all about International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, an annual celebration of women in beer that she’s been organizing since 2014, and what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

(Just a quick heads up, this episode was recorded remotely, so the audio quality is not quite the same as previous seasons, but I hope you still enjoy it!)

Here’s Sophie…

Image from Sophie de Ronde