Episode #034 | Ruvani de Silva

Ruvani de Silva, Freelance Beer Writer

Today’s guest is freelance beer writer Ruvani de Silva.

Ruvani tells us what her day-to-day life as a freelance beer writer looks like and talks us through some of her latest pieces for Burum Collective and Good Beer Hunting.

Then we hear about her many careers before beer, how she made the transition to full-time beer writing, and what advice she has for others looking to follow a similar path.

Finally, as a Brit now based in central Texas, Ruvani shares her thoughts on how the US and UK beer scenes stack up and, of course, what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

(Just a quick heads up, this episode was recorded remotely, so the audio quality is not quite the same as previous seasons, but I hope you still enjoy it!)

Here’s Ruvani…

Image from Ruvani de Silva