Episode #029 | Becky Kean

Becky Kean, Co-Founder & Director of Nirvana Brewery

Today’s guest is Becky Kean, Co-Founder & Director of Nirvana Brewery, a London-based brewery that specializes in alcohol free beer.

You’ll hear how Becky first discovered beer, how a road trip to Germany with her brother helped her get her start in the beer business, and what her day to day with Nirvana looks like now.

We also talk about the no and low alcohol space and how it’s grown, some of the different approaches to producing alcohol free beer, and, of course, some of the challenges.

Finally, Becky tells us what she learned from her previous roles, how they’ve helped with the work she’s doing now and what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

Here she is…

Image from Becky Kean