Episode #022 | Megan Stone

Megan Stone, brewer and social media consultant (aka @isbeeracarb)

Today’s guest is Megan Stone, brewer and social media consultant.

Although she’s currently based in San Diego, California, Megan was recently in the UK for a three-week brewing residency with Laine Brew Co in Brighton to help them launch their new diversity in beer apprenticeship.

Megan talks us through her career in beer to date, from her earliest brewing internship, to her most recent brewing residence.

We also discuss her incredibly popular Instagram account, @isbeeracarb, and how she’s grown it to more than 30k followers.

Finally, we talk about why diversity and representation in the industry are so important to her, and of course, and what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

 Here she is…

To hear more about the diversity in beer event that Megan hosted with Laine Brew Co, listen in to this episode of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio from Emma Inch, who was there on the night and recorded with each of the speakers – Megan, along with Jane Francis Le Blond of Mothership Brewery and Farooq Khalid of Portobello Brewery.

Image from Megan Stone