Episode #019 | Miranda Hudson

Miranda Hudson, Co-Founder of Duration Brewing

Today’s guest is Miranda Hudson, co-founder of Duration Brewing.

A few years ago, Miranda and her husband and co-founder, Derek Bates, set out to build their dream brewery.

She talks us through her role in building Duration’s brand, business, and the brewery itself.

Miranda and I recorded this episode at the London Craft Beer Festival as she was invited down by Jane Barnes from Mothership Brewing to speak on a panel about “breaking into the beer industry”.

If you missed the panel, don’t worry! You’ll get to hear Miranda’s full story right here… and this episode may just make you feel like you’re at the festival anyhow!

The festival’s organizers kindly allowed us to record in the brewers lounge, and although the space was perfectly quiet during the day session, I did not realize the party atmosphere it would turn into later on!

That said, the background noise on this episode is a little bit louder than usual.

I was really keen to catch Miranda while she was in town from Norfolk, so we made it work, but I’ll certainly be more mindful about recording at beer festivals in the future!

Miranda talks us through her varied career path, the skills each job has given her and how they’ve helped in her current role at Duration, and, finally, what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

Here she is…

Image credit Mark Newton