Episode #010 | Anouk Lagae

Anouk Lagae
Anouk Lagae, President Core Europe for Duvel Moortgat

Today’s guest is Anouk Lagae, President Core Europe for Duvel Moortgat – an independent, family-run Belgian brewery – a role she’s held for the past two years, after being promoted from her previous role as Chief Marketing Officer.

After graduating with a degree in business engineering, Anouk held marketing and management roles at Unilever and Coca-Cola, the latter of which saw her travel the world – living in Brussels, Australia, and London – a “life-changing” experience, as she describes it.

After deciding to return to Belgium with her young family, Anouk set her sights on working for a Belgian company with international aims – enter Duvel Moortgat.

Despite having no beer background, Anouk tells us how she felt embraced by her new Duvel family, and in turn, how she embraced learning every detail about Duvel, which helped her to discover and fall in love with the beer.

We talk about her day-to-day role, how her new role in management differs from her previous role as CMO, why she loves marketing,  and what drives her today.

Anouk tells me what it’s like to be the first, and only, woman on the Duvel Moortgat management committee and about the sense of responsibility she feels to help support other women in the business and the industry more broadly.

We also talk about the best bits of her job, her interests outside of beer (and how those interests are now more relevant than ever with Duvel Moortgat’s latest partnership), and, of course, what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

Here she is…

Image courtesy of Duvel Moortgat

Full disclosure: I work with Anouk in my role as Marketing Manager at Duvel Moortgat UK.

An additional note: I recorded this episode in a new location (ie. not at my kitchen table!), so if it sounds a bit different from previous episodes, that’s why. (Editing is all still very new to me and I’ve got plenty more to learn, so I’d rather be honest and say – I know this might not sound perfect (yet!), but I’m working on it!) Thanks again for listening!