Episode #009 | Nanna Guldbaek

Nanna Guldbaek, Art Director for Lervig

Today’s guest is Nanna Guldbaek, Art Director for Norwegian brewery Lervig.

Although Nanna just gradated from her Industrial Design program in Denmark last year, she didn’t wait until she finished university to get to work – balancing projects for uni while producing beer labels for Lervig.

Nanna’s been working with Lervig for two years now, initially as a designer, then transitioning to her current role as Art Director.

She tells us how she met the Lervig team and how social media played a hand in helping her get the job.

You’ll hear her describe her artistic style, what she’s aiming to communicate through her designs – whether it’s a certain mood or feeling that a particular beer might evoke – and how important both the look and feel of the labels are to her… she considers every dimension and every detail.

We also talk about what it’s like to collaborate with other designers, to work beyond the beer label – creating immersive rooms at beer festivals, for example – and about Nanna’s product design side-project… which also has to do with beer!

Outside of her role at Lervig, Nanna is collaborating with two other industrial designers to turn spent grain – the byproduct from brewing – into a new, sustainable material, using different bio-binders. The project is still in its early days, but she talks us through the progress they’ve made and their future plans.

We also talk about Nanna’s non-stop travel of late, her interest in exploring and meeting new people, and what she loves most about being a part of the beer industry.

Here she is…

Image from Nanna Guldbaek