Episode #008 | Lotte Peplow

Lotte Peplow, Director of Peplow PR and UK Representative for the US Brewers Association

Today’s guest is Lotte Peplow, UK representative for the United States Brewers Association, the trade body for small and independent craft brewers in the States.

After graduating from uni, Lotte got her start in PR, working at several different agencies and representing various breweries and beer brands over the years, before deciding to set up her own PR business, Peplow PR.

Back in 2006, one of Lotte’s early beer clients passed her contact details on to the Brewers Association as they were looking for some help to start planning events in the UK. Lotte got involved, and reminisces fondly about the incredible beer and food pairing dinner she helped to arrange at the White Horse in Parsons’ Green all those years ago.

Since then, her role with the BA has only grown, and she now represents the BA on a full-time basis. Lotte writes, speaks, plans events, liaises with importers, represents the BA at meetings across the UK and Europe, and more.

She’s incredibly grateful for the opportunities the role has given her, from trips to the States for the Great American Beer Festival and Craft Brewers Conference, to a recent visit to The Hague.

We talk about what her day-to-day role looks like, what her most memorable experiences in the role have been, and what learnings from the US beer scene she’d like to see here in the UK.

Lotte is also a beer judge, Beer Sommelier, and recently qualified Certified Cicerone®. She tells me why she decided to pursue her certifications and about the credibility they’ve given her.

We also talk about what she gets up to outside of beer and what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

Here she is…

A few other things we mention:

-Lotte loves food and beer pairing so much, we recorded a bonus episode! Have a listen here.

Image by Nic Crilly Hargrave