Episode #007 | Jane Peyton

Jane Peyton, award-winning drinks educator and Principal of the School of Booze

Today’s guest is Jane Peyton, an award-winning drinks educator, author, speaker, broadcaster, and tour guide who runs her own business – the School of Booze – which she founded back in 2008 to offer training, consultancy, and corporate events.

Jane tells us what she was doing before she started the School of Booze and how a Venn diagram helped her to discover her perfect career path after she left behind her previous role as a documentary film producer.

Jane’s regarded as a bit of a legend here in the UK beer industry – and our conversation gives you a pretty good idea why.

You’ll hear from Jane on what it took to set a Guinness World Record, how she’s championed beer as Britain’s national beverage as the founder of Beer Day Britain, and how she’s been recognized for her many contributions to the British beer industry.

We discuss some of Jane’s many achievements during our conversation, but I’m also going to mention a few upfront, mainly so you know just how accomplished Jane truly is:

Pretty impressive, huh?

Jane tells us what her day-to-day looks like, what accomplishment she’s most proud of, and what she enjoys most about being a part of the beer industry.

Here she is…

A few other things we mention:

-Learn more about Jane’s books on her website here

Image from Jane Peyton