Discussion: What got you into beer?

On July 2nd, we had a group discussion on what got each of us into beer.

Julie O’Grady, co-owner of Neptune Brewery and founder of Ladies that Beer, a Liverpool-based group for women who love beer, kicked us off by sharing her story. Not only about how she got into beer, but also how she’s created a welcoming community for all beer loving ladies up north to join.

Then we heard from several other attendees, not only about their personal journeys, but how they’ve helped bring other people into beer.

For example, Rachel, a bartender in Hawaii, asks her customers how they like their coffee to guide her beer/drink choices for them. While Sachi, a bartender in Chicago, enjoys the challenge of finding a beer for customers who say they “don’t like beer.”

It was fun to discuss the flavour parallels between wine and spirits and gateway beer styles that have gotten people into beer.

To listen back, find a recording of the session below.