beer tastings

Confident there is a beer out there for everyone, Natalya hosts fun, engaging, and educational tastings to help people discover and delight in beer. Now offered virtually.

Choose a set tasting or work with Natalya to design your own.

beer basics:

This introductory level tasting begins with what most drinkers think of as beer, a pale lager, then moves beyond to a broader range of beers – wheat beer, pale ale, porter, and more – helping drinkers discover more of beer’s fantastic flavours.

a taste of beer history:

Ever wonder how we got to the wide world of beers available today? This tutored tasting takes drinkers from the smoky brown beers of the past to the pale lagers and IPAs of the present, while making plenty of stops along the way. 

beer & food pairing:

Learn about the principles of beer and food pairing, then put them to the test as a range of beers is paired with a range of cheeses. Looking for something sweeter? Substitute cheese for chocolate!

The possibilities are endless! Get in touch to plan your event.