Where It All Began: Watson’s Corner

Back in September 2015, I started my first proper beer blog, Watson’s Corner. As a beer geek, I was fascinated by the backstories I was learning about the beers I was enjoying and wanted to create a place to share them. And so Watson’s Corner, a place to discover and discuss great drinks with great company, was born.

Nearly three-and-a-half years later (May 2019), I’ve made the move from part-time beer blogger and part-time brewery marketing manager to full-time freelance beer educator. (Hence the new look for BeerwithNat.com. Exciting!)

As you’ll see, I’ve re-produced a few of my more recent blog posts from Watson’s Corner here.

Going forward, I’ll post any new blog posts on BeerwithNat.com, but I’m keeping Watson’s Corner up as the home for my past content.

For my last few years of beery musings, visit WatsonsCorner.beer.

Thanks, as always, for reading.



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